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Author Lacey Lafferty retired Delaware State Trooper, model, agricultural business woman, a native of Lewes, now resides in Laurel, Delaware with her young daughter Lacey Lynn. Lacey received during her rewarding career in the Delaware State Police an Excellence Performance Award from Governor Minner in 2007.  When faced with a life threatening illness in 2009, the thought of leaving her daughter without a mother’s insight of life’s everyday challenges, inspired Lacey to write Messages from a Mother.  Messages from a Mother are Lacey’s own personal experiences and reflections of her life through simple messages. These inspirational messages are meant to strengthen and encourage the reader to excel through adversity. In life there is no fool proof plan; access, evaluate and overcome.

Lacey is a lifelong horse enthusiast, she became enthralled with horses at the age of 10, when her parents purchased the family’s first Standardbred retired racehorse, Misty.  Through the years Lacey has maintained a stable of horses, becoming involved in horse racing over a decade ago.  She is currently an owner and trainer of Standardbred racehorses and campaigns at Dover Downs Raceway and Harrington Raceway along with surrounding out-of-state tracks.
Lacey’s true passion in life is not only her love for her daughter, but her ever-lasting devotion to the horses that deserve our respect, admiration, and continued commitment to enhance their quality of life through their career and retirement. 




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